Painter Perth: Giving Your Office Desk a Makeover

What is the first thing you see inside an office? Of course, it is most likely an office desk. How can an office function properly without such a piece of furniture and at the same time, a fixture?

An office desk is a quintessential item as it gives both a functional and professional look to the office. Used almost 24/7, the office desk is not spared from wear and tear.

On the other hand, you cannot always afford to buy new good-looking office desk since it would cost you a fortune. How to solve the problem? Try to DIY paint it!

Painting your old desk will not only give it a fresh new look but you will also save on expenses. You do not have to spend on repairs if your office desk is still in good condition. However, you do have to buy the necessary painting items.

Doing the painting yourself is one of the easiest steps in restoring the appearance of a used and worn out desk. Even better and easier if the desk is made of wood.

It does not require an expert hand but you need to be sensible in doing your due diligence if you haven’t tried it before.

Once you buy a can of paint, you will see of the instructions on the side of the can. Read and understand. Most paint manufacturers include instructions on the label of thinning paints. You just have to follow the instructions so you can carry out the job of painting easily.

Still, if you are not satisfied, then you can ask your friendly painter Perth about the proper way of paint mixing. As any professional painter would say, always make sure that the surface to be painted is adequately prepared, such as:

•    Sand the desk and wipe it well to get rid of dust, grease and dirt;

•    If you want to get the best result, wash it with soap and warm water; and

•    Before painting the office desk, take time to remove all the hardware such as the hinges, knobs and drawers. These items can be painted on a later day — although both the desk and the hardware need to be sanded thoroughly.

After the cleaning, comes the priming. Do it by applying a layer of primer after sanding. Leave it for a day to ensure thorough drying. If you see that the primer has dried, then that is the time to start the real painting.

Use a paintbrush and roller when applying paint. Follow the standard of applying second coat but let the first coat of paint dry. If you want your desk to be shining like new, you may apply varnish.

When everything is done, let all the paint dry and soon enough you will see that the desk will be ready to use again.

Hence, painting an office desk is so simple it does not need professional help. Nevertheless, when in doubt, always get professional help. Perth house painters are ready to lend a helping hand, especially when the job calls for painting a dozen office desks!


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